WORKATION: Find your perfect place to telework in Spain



Working from home is here to stay, but why not do it from the beach or the mountains?

From MARBELLA HABITAT we offer you the possibility of workation. Are you interested?


This trend, which combines the English words ‘work’ and ‘vacation’, is to telecommute from your favourite holiday destinations.



Have you ever dreamed of teleworking full time while listening to the waves of the sea or the birds in a nearby forest? In MARBELLA HABITAT, we make it come true.

Thanks to digitalization and the possibility of telework, you can have the opportunity to work from anywhere and conceive this flexible format as a long-term widespread practice.

The idea is to work in places that are vacation destinations.

Disconnect also from Workation

Get out of the four walls of your home that are now your new office.

 The idea is to take a vacation from the workplace and continue to work somewhere else.

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